Dry Brushing Body Brush – VEGAN – Cellulite Brush – Gentle Natural Cellulite Massager and Exfoliating Lymphatic Scrub Brush For Radiant and Smoother Skin

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Dry Body Brush and Cellulite Massager by Sano Naturals

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Dry Body Brush and Cellulite Massager by Sano Naturals

The Secret to Smooth, Soft, Beautiful Skin

What it’s:
A 100% vegan, cruelty-free bristle brush on one side. Sturdy, firm
cellulite massager at the other. Sano’s unique firm yet flexible bristles
assist visibly smooth and firm the skin’s appearance, and rejuvenate the
appearance of dull sagging skin.

What You’ll be able to expect
– Smoother skin almost in an instant
– Brighter, firmer skin
– Reduced appearance of stretch marks over the years
– Reduction in visible cellulite

Who is it for:
Somebody who has dull, rough skin, a lack or firmness, or poor tone that
wants to change the appearance of their skin and does not wish to
participate in animal cruelty.

What it’s designed to do:
Sano’s firm vegan bristles stimulate the body’s circulation and lymphatic
systems. This exfoliating multi-tasker sloughs dry, rough, dead skin and
reveals smoother, softer, glowing skin.

The cellulite massager stimulates the lymphatic waft, helping to release
toxins and get a divorce fat deposits at the thighs and buttocks for smooth,
dimple-free skin & improved skin tone.

What else you wish to have to know:
This product is vegan and cruelty-free.
This brush is firm, as really helpful for effective body brushing, but flexible
enough for sensitive skin. Dry brushing is a tried-and-true way to exfoliate
skin to perfection, used for centuries around the globe. The most productive time to brush
is the first thing in the morning, before you shower, but You’ll be able to also do it before bed.

We back all our products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.
In case you are not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.

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DRY SKIN BRUSH THAT IS 100% VEGAN. Dry brushes are recurrently constituted of boar, horse, squirrel, badger or horse. Yuck! A majority of these so-referred to as natural bristles come from unregulated fur industries and require skinning. Sano Naturals Dry Body Brush is 100% vegan and cruelty free.
DRY BRUSH CELLULITE AWAY. Sano’s shed-proof, vegan bristles are tightly packed for the best quality dry brushing experience. You’ll be able to use as much or as little pressure as you want to encourage lymphatic and cellulite improvement over the years. Our bristles won’t shed, guaranteed.
DRY BODY BRUSH WITHOUT THE FRUSTRATION. Sano’s solid, 1-piece construction means that the head of your brush never falls off all the way through use. You’ll be able to apply the very best amount of pressure without worry or continuously bending down to pick out up brush head that falls off of a detachable maintain. Our long maintain means strain-free brushing for you, making it easy to brush hard to achieve areas such as the lower back, buttocks and thighs.
CELLULITE MASSAGER = 2 BEAUTY TOOLS FOR THE PRICE OF 1. Stable cellulite massager nubs can gently massage fat deposits at the thighs and buttocks, encouraging lymphatic draining and smoother, dimple-free skin. These are just at the other side of the dry scrub brush exfoliator, so you all the time have exactly what you wish to have.
SMOOTHER SKIN & LESS BODY ACNE. Firm yet flexible bristles are the optimal tool for exfoliating, invigorating the skin, stimulating circulation, and reducing cellulite.


















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